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Terry Byrne and Doug Marshall
Terry Byrne and Doug Marshall

The Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning System is the amazing new way to make fire hydrants “Paint Ready” in 60 seconds and to clear snow covered or plowed under fire hydrants in 30 seconds.

The patented design is easy to use as an attachment with the common skid steer, mini loader, excavator or backhoe. A single operator can prepare 20 to 30 hydrants per hour for paint and clear 30 to 40 hydrants per hour from snow and ice.

When compared to current methods, customers can reduce project costs by as much as 60% by greatly reducing labor hours, the high cost of materials and clean-up . Additionally, The Plug Hug eliminates hand, eye and back injuries associated with “hands-on” methods of descaling fire hydrants for painting and clearing hydrants of snow and ice.

The low cost and high rate of production makes The Plug Hug a very beneficial asset for your operations and community year round.