The Plug Hug Operational Overview

Qty. Description Model # Price
1Backhoe / Skid Steer: 6500lb GVWT MinimumTBDCustomer Provided
1Planetary Hydraulic Auger Drive Motor (See “Specifications” page 2)TBD    Call For Quote
1Coupler to secure Hydraulic Auger Drive to Skid Steer / BackhoeTBD     Call For Quote
1Hydraulic Auger Drive Swing Stop Bracket (Bobcat Only)6811444               $29.95
1Hydraulic Auger Drive Safety Support Kit (Chain & Ratchet Binder)PH-HDSKNo Charge – Included
1Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning SystemPH-400$15,500.00

The pictures below show a properly attached and secured Plug Hug, using the required coupler for a Backhoe and G70 Chain with Ratchet Binder for a Skid Steer, to keep the hydraulic auger drive motor stationary while in operation.

Backhoe Configuration
Backhoe Configuration
Skid Steer Configuration
Skid Steer Configuration
  • Read operating instructions before use
  • Stay Back 15 feet
  • Always wear safety equipment
  • Always use industry standard safety practices & procedures while operating machinery
  • The Plug Hug must be centered and level on fire hydrant while in use
  • Never operate without hydraulic auger drive support:
    • Coupler, Chain & Ratchet Binder, Swing Stop bracket
  • Never service alone
  • Never service unit when attached to hydraulic auger drive
  • Never use drugs or alcohol when operating The Plug Hug
  • Clockwise rotation only for spin-in fire hydrants
  • Not recommended for antiquated infrastructure
  • Watch for traffic, power lines and pedestrians
  • Contact the manufacturer with any questions you may have

The Plug Hug is:

  • 825 lbs. of all steel construction
  • 36″ diameter canister
  • 36″ height canister
  • 2 inch universal hex drive receiver
  • Attaches to hydraulic auger drive motor
  • Clam-shell design for easy maintenance
  • Designed, Manufactured and Serviced in the USA