The Pilemate

The PileMate by Plug Hug, LLC
Descaling & Coating Removal for Concrete & Steel Pilings

The “PileMate” pat.pend. Descaling & Coating Removal device for concrete and steel pilings is manufactured using a 24’’ diameter steel casing with a 3/8” wall. Bolted directly to this heavy-duty housing are 6 descaling panels. Each panel has six 10″ x .75″ cables for descaling and coating removal. The 6 plates are strategically balanced for smooth operation during the most demanding jobs. When needed, the PileMate descaling panels can be easily and quickly replaced to eliminate costly downtime. The 6 panels on the PileMate contain over 6,000 individual needle end points for safe, efficient, and effective project results. The PileMate attaches to a standard hydraulic planetary drive motor using a 2″ hex receiver and can be operated with a skid steer, backhoe, or excavator placing the operator in a Safety Zone with minimal amount of exposure and labor fatigue.

Made in America

$9,800 Plus Shipping & Tax

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