Field Services

Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning System Field Services.

The Plug Hug, LLC will provide the equipment (backhoe or skid steer, hydraulic auger drive motor, Plug Hug PH-100 and equipment operator(s) required to prepare your fire hydrants for new paint.

The work will include the removal of scale, rust, loose paint, misc. debris and grass/weed overgrowth to the Industry Standard of SSPC- SP2, SP3 and SP11.

The Plug Hug Field Services government base rate is

  • $44.95 per hydrant
  •  A 300 fire hydrant minimum
  • A 500 fire hydrant maximum per week (plus applicable taxes).

Additional fire hydrants are priced on an individual basis as necessary to complete the project based on the system inventory (e.g. 387 fire hydrants).

With that in mind, our experience has shown that each customer scenario is unique and there may be variables to the quantity of fire hydrants and associated costs.

The Plug Hug management team will work closely with your project manager to address these factors up front to ensure an accurate quote and proper invoicing upon completion.

Plug Hug Field Services does not include any labor, material or costs associated with painting the fire hydrants, which will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning System Field Services has brought innovation to the industry through the creation of the “SEE Program Management” model with a Safety Zone, Efficient Resource Management and Effective Performance Results for preparing fire hydrants for paint and clearing plowed under fire hydrants in locations impacted by winter weather.

  • Safety Zone: created by eliminating the “hands-on” process using abrasive/water blasting and angle/needle grinders or hand shoveling buried fired hydrants. The Plug Hug eliminates hand, eye and back injuries and the risk of serious injury or death associated with traffic hazards when team members are exposed to the roadway.
  • Efficient Resource Management: reduces project workforce requirements, clean-up and material costs and returns valuable resource hours and dollars to your departments’ operations and critical projects. Our customers have seen up to a 60% reduction in their budget allocations when using the Plug Hug.
  • Effective Performance Results: simple and highly effective mechanized descaling process that meets or exceeds industry substrate preparation requirements and best practices. The result is an excellent adhesion of paint materials to the fire hydrant to create a solid and resistant coating.

Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning System Field Services replaces the costly, cumbersome and unsafe methods of In-house and 3rd Party Contractor “hands-on” fire hydrant cleaning and paint removal, known to be: toxic solvents, sand/abrasive blasting, pressure washing, hand held electric grinders/wire whips and manual wire brushes.

Your Department will gain real and specific value through reduced project costs and increased team member safety when servicing your fire hydrants.

Finally, The Plug Hug Field Services will give your department a pro-active maintenance roadmap that will streamline the current process, mitigate safety risks and improve public perception by making your fire hydrants look great all year long.

Please contact us to discuss how Plug Hug Field Services may be an option for your project and we will provide a proposal that meets your requirements.

We look forward to working with you and consider it a great privilege to have your department as a Plug Hug Field Services customer.